Wing’s Restaurant

710 Watt St, Winnipeg, MB R2K 0Y1, Canada

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4.2 / 5


January 08, 2021

The food was terrible. I’ve had better food at the mall. The ginger beef didn’t even look like beef. There was zero flavour of ginger and it was bland like the sesame chicken. Everything is breaded and under seasoned I will never order from here again. The service was awful also as I ordered online and when I showed up at the pick up time, I had to wait another half an hour with no apology.

Jeff Stoehler (yourfavoritedj)
October 12, 2020

Second time here. The food was flavorful and fresh. We started with the cream cheese wontons and they were to die for. The "sizzling" dish I ordered was served actually sizzling in a cast iron dish. Very awesome presentation. The portions are large, two of us took leftovers home. My dinner companions also had a great experience with their food. The pricing was very reasonable. The servers wore masks and the seating was arranged appropriately for the times we are in. I will definitely go back.

Cynthia Ashton
December 26, 2020

Don’t want to be a Debbie downer.... but I will. Very disappointed with this restaurant. I’ve ordered there before, but always picked up my food. It was always good. Not oily, the rice was fluffy. The chicken with vegetable ... WAS assorted veggies. Baby corn, celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and water chestnuts. Tonight I placed an order just after 4:30pm. It came at 6:15pm. I was told it would be between 45 minutes to 1 hour. I had ordered: Breaded veal, lemon chicken, chicken chow mein and chicken with vegetable with almonds and ordered extra rice. $60.00. When I opened it when it finally came, it was cold, the rice was like paste AND.... I got 2 breaded veal! Identical dishes, 2 chicken with nothing but broccoli and cauliflower. One of them had noodles at the bottom and there was so much oil.... the noodles stuck together. How much broccoli and cauliflower can a person eat? Plus 2 veal dishes!!! Rip off....and the almonds... it looked like 1 almond was thinly sliced for this broccoli and cauliflower. I do believe there was I piece of carrot. Waste of money! I called them right away and told them I didn’t get what I ordered... before I could explain to the woman, she cut me off and said ok, I’ll call and let him know. Never called back and when I tried again... voicemail and it was full. Could not leave a message. Very disappointed. 😔

Marvin Gloria
November 10, 2020

I remember my parents used to order from Wing’s restaurant at a different location as a child. I’ve never been here but am not disappointed. The food was very good. Food portions are on the small side but still ok. Would definitely recommend this place for Chinese food. I will be going back for sure

Kareem Chehadi
December 04, 2020

Very tasty restaurant with down to earth prices roughly between 8 to $10 per plate. The family is very nice.

Wing’s Restaurant

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710 Watt St, Winnipeg, MB R2K 0Y1, Canada

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