The Captain’s Boil

2081 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J9, Canada

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3.8 / 5


Larry John Laus
March 04, 2020

Located right off Pembina really easily spotted with a lot of parking all around the restaurant. Very clean and bright. Place decorated and nautical theme is presented well. Has an area for a small party which is nice to have if you have a bigger group. Food is quite good if you love seafood. Sauce is flavoured well and quantity portion is plenty for most people. Price vary and can climb pretty high depending on what you get. Service was ok, I may have taken a bit more longer not knowing what I wanted but oh well. It didn’t deter me much in enjoying my meal. Just smile more buddy 😉. Anyways rest of the staff seemed to be pleasant enough. This place has been here for quite sometime. But it was still a treat to come by and try it out. Will definitely come back and try it again. If you haven’t tried it yet. It isn’t as packed as when it first opened so go check it out!

Suzane Greeman
March 01, 2020

An outstanding dining experience. We had the Sailor's platter with garlic shrimp. Was delicious, the seafood fried rice was amazing. Both the Cajun fries and the regular fries were heavenly. Staff was simply a joy to be around. Felt special even though we were just dropping in for a meal. So attentive. Totally enjoyed this dining out experience and we will certainly be back.

james allen
February 16, 2020

My wife and I have 2 young boys at home so we don’t get to eat out just the 2 of us very often. My mother in-law came up to visit and my wife and i decided to take the opportunity and go out. My wife has been wanting to go to captains boil since we’ve moved to Winnipeg. Heard good things from a few people. Well tonight we went and I’ve never been more disappointed in my dining out experience. First, when we were seated, it took quite awhile for our waiter to actually come by and take a drink order. After we finally got our drinks, my wife ordered the snow crab and I ordered the clams. We waited 45 minuets for my wife’s snow crab to be thrown on our table. After a few minuets of waiting for the clams, we asked our server when they would be ready. He said they would be coming soon. 10 minuets later, we asked him again and he went into the kitchen, came out and ignored us. We then asked a different waitress where the clams were and that we would like to talk to the manager. We were told that there is no manager for Saturday nights. What kind of restaurant doesn’t have a manager working your busiest night??? My wife then asked if there is something they can do because it’s now been 20 minutes and we still don’t have my meal. She said she would give us 10% off the final bill and comp my coke and “garlic bread”, which turned out to be just toast.... when my food finally came out, there was maybe 10 tiny clams, the rest were just empty shells. The boiled potato tasted like...a boiled potato and the corn was ok. Our waiter tried to explain that the reason there was such a big gap was because clams take a long time to cook. He then changed his mind and said that the snow crab takes so long. When my wife pointed out that she received her snow crab 20 minuets earlier than the clams, he changed his story again and said the computers in the back make it very difficult to get the orders out together. After we left, we went to McDonald’s as we were still hungry. We had a really bad experience and doubt we’ll ever be back. I understand that mistakes happen. I worked in the restaurant industry in my early 20s. Things happen. I feel my dining experience would have been better if there was some sort of manager or someone that knew what they were doing. Instead, it was just chaos and excuses.

Terra Kerani
February 08, 2020

We just went to Captain’s Boil on Pembina in Winnipeg and it was delicious. Informal yes, with food served fast and hot in plastic bags. But we didn’t need to use the plastic gloves or bib... just use all the great tools and plates and forks they bring you at the beginning of the meal! No shortage of napkins either, but wet naps and a warm finger bowls at the end of the meal would be a wonderful addition to a tasty experience. P.S. no spice means mildly spicy, so be wary of adding extra spice unless you want HEAT.

Ryan Alex
June 22, 2019

Taste was amazing and pretty decent quantity. I found it pretty pricey. Paid $8 for 3 small pieces of garlic toast but other than that. It was a good experience.

The Captain’s Boil

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2081 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J9, Canada

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