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3.3 / 5


chris d
July 25, 2020

Ordered takeout. Order was fresh, hot and accurate. Delivery was also very quick. A bit more greasy than I typically expect pizza to be, but very tasty. I would recommend the thin crust... and cut in squares. 😉 Ordered 2 medium Pepperoni Mushroom and Double Cheese. Thanks Pizza Hotline!

logan b
June 04, 2020

I just orderd a xtra large pizza with wings and taco bread sticks and i got delivery i placed my order at 1139pm on the 3rd My order came to me at 12-30 am on the 4th. and to top it all of I asked the person on the phone to make sure they removed the jalepinos off the taco read as I have a health condition and spice makes me sick. the lady said ok we will make sure there not on the bread well my bread had jalepino and my pizza was cold and I called back and said I cant eat this. and they are not gonna bring me out a new one. I also asked for the delivery driver to text/call as kids r sleeping n he did not do either. I will not be ordering from this place again. {I do not reccomend ordering from the st anns location}

Samantha Baskerville
December 01, 2019

The food is good for the price but I feel the staff is not knowledgable and really need to have a better way of identifying allergies. Staff had no idea when I asked about milk and nut allergy over the phone and the team leader couldn't answer the questions easily either. Went into a location to ask and order and the cashier said she couldn't tell me about milk but let me know vegan means no milk.... so after a long conversation and back and forth we ordered a pizza with vegan cheese hopefully the crust is also vegan and contains no dairy or nuts. An allergen guide in locations and ordering centers would be able to alleviate this headache and simplify the experience for those of us that need to know what we are eating.

Ravinder Singh
June 20, 2020

Aniket and Kumar and Sony is awesome

Brandon Adams
February 04, 2019

Just ordered a XL pizza and two orders of hot wings I am honestly disgusted with the wings asked for well done yet they there barely warm and the texture of them were soggy it’s an absolute disgrace to attempt to pass these as CHICKEN WINGS coming from someone who works in the food industry I wil never order from any location as they all seem to cook them like that ... very few have gotten it right when asked for WELL DONE ... I like my steak medium rare not my chicken wings ...

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