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3.8 / 5


October 09, 2019

cheap cheap prices... seems like the quality is getting better as time goes on?? also kudos for releasing the cauliflower crust pizza.

Dirgh Thakkar
May 16, 2020

Service is terrible, I paid online. On the door they said curb side pick up available. So I sat in the car and phone the store on the store phone number and ask staff member for curb side and they refused then I had to go in as to pick up. Do you think it’s a joke

July 03, 2019

Ordered 2 large pepperoni pizzas on a night just hanging out with some friends, the order came to $27. We waited an hour and 20 minutes, and when the delivery girl came to our door it started off fine, then she handed me a debit machine. I only had cash (which i had said i would be paying with while it was being ordered), the girl asked if i had debit, to which i said no, and then she just said "Oh" and then stood there in silence, i wasn't sure what to do, so i ended up handing her the whole $40 cash because i had no smaller change. She gave me a half-meant "sorry", then left. After i had closed the door i could hear a chuckle coming from this girl as she was walking down the buildings hallway. When my friends and I sat down to eat the pizza, i took a few bites and noticed that it had barely any sauce on it at all, it was just a whole lot of dough, cheese, and not even that much pepperoni. 2 of my friends found hair in their slices which was not any of our hairs. I had ordered from here a few times before and it had been fine, but i am pretty dissapointed at the results this time around.

Manik Mjs
October 08, 2019

Pizza quality is pretty good and the prices are very reasonable... Pro tip (Must try the Monday madness offer😜)

kebreab B.
February 10, 2019

I ordered 3 times Double chicken double cheese pizza from the concordia avenue in winnipeg. all the 3 times it came out the topping was only for single order. this place has serious issue with hacking toppings. the pizza quality is good. the only issue is as mentioned above and customer care. i would give this place 2 star for customer care.

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1100 Concordia Ave #109, Winnipeg, MB R2K 4B8, Canada

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