Kiwa Korean cuisine restaurant

Pembina Hwy #10-2077, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J9, Canada

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4.2 / 5


Frosty Spikes
June 20, 2019

Great food for a decent price. The curry chicken was crispy and the sauce was nice and light. The bimbimbap tasted like the usual.

August 02, 2020

Authentic Korean restaurant with a modern feel. Order: yum yum chicken, sirloin and pork belly (full orders each) bbq- rice, side dish, soup, included, and cold noodle ( Mul Naeng-Myeon). My Korean friend ordered all in Korean so I didn't know the names. Soju. Location: Pembina Village Shopping Centre not hard to find. Nice place, ample parking, visible name and large sign. It isn't tucked away. Fantastic. 5/5 Customer Service: greeted by some very friendly and hospitable staff. The lady who served us was very nice and attentive. Even when we leave, all said good byes. Great service, positive vibe, no attitude. 5/5 Value: Not sure because my generous friend paid for the meal. But from the menu, it looks like any typical korean restaurant price. N/A TASTE: The yum yum chicken was indeed yum yum. Crispy exterior encapsulating a tender, succulent well seasoned chicken wing. All lightly tossed in a crimson sweet garlic spiced sauce finished with tiny bits of green onion to enhance the experience. Never fails. Korean fried chicken is great. The only issue was the batter seemed a little too thick compared to previous korean fried chicken I've sampled but not enough to invalidate what is an tasty bite. BBQ - very fresh vegetables and Bandhan. The kimchi was too mild for me but I understand it is to suit all palates. My favorite was the seaweed salad. Tender seaweed blanketed by a spicy sweet sauce. It would be perfect if less sauce was used but not a big a deal. The potato was the least to be desired, not my cup of tea, again inconsequential. The sirloin was tender and not salty. Definitely required the bean paste to amplify taste and may be a bit of the sesame oil, if one prefers. The Perfect bite is wrapping the crisp cool lettuce around the flame seared beef, grilled onion and a smear of sauce. A very balanced combination. Nonetheless, I would have preferred some sort of salt on the side as I do enjoy eating grilled beef on its own. Perhaps this is the way to keep the beef from being too salty when the meat is dipped in the savory bean paste. Pork belly, crispy and fatty, it slowly melts in your mouth as you chew the leaner meat away. Goes exceptionally well soju. The miso soup was full of ingredients such as green onion, tofu and zucchini. Very hearty and heart warming feeling upon drinking it. Cold noodle to finish the meal. The combination of the vinegar and mustard added subtle hints of flavor without being overbearing. Great palate cleanser after an albeit greasy meal (grilled pork belly). Again balance being a very noticeable theme. 4/5 Overall, I enjoyed this meal. Good job.

Ah Rin Park
June 16, 2019

Good food. Friendly staffs. They help with grilling and very helpful.

Megan R
February 08, 2020

The food was really good! The waitress was really helpful and friendly. She was patient with my grandma explaining, dishes on the menu. As well as explaining some other Korean foods, that are not offered on the menu! We’ll definitely pay this place another visit🙂

Caramel LaLa
March 27, 2019

Went here for dinner with my cousin-in-law. Quite pricey but the taste of the food is exquisite!! Specially the spicy dumplings!! The service is also a plus! Friendly staff! Will definitely go again if craving for Korean food. A must try!!!

Kiwa Korean cuisine restaurant

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Pembina Hwy #10-2077, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J9, Canada

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