Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

533 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1W1, Canada

About Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

4.6 / 5


Eric palud
June 21, 2020

Very friendly staff, great service. It's my 2nd Time trying Ethiopian food and I enjoyed trying something different.

Momtchil Momtchilov
June 07, 2020

Located in the heart of Winnipeg's densest Ethiopian community, Gojo one of several similar restaurants within a few blocks distance. The interior decor is warm and cozy and the staff are friendly. However, this is not the place to go for an authentic Ethiopian experience. While the ambiance and food are enjoyable, both lack authenticity and artisanship. I first visited the restaurant with an Ethiopian friend from out-of-town with whom I have shared many authentic meals over the years. As always, he ordered for us, which tends to involve a bit of negotiation with the server and even the odd check-in with the chef in the kitchen. Even then, we both were less than impressed with what was served to us. My criteria for good Ethiopian cuisine are simple: an even, soft-textured injera; a bright red, fresh-looking, fresh-tasting kitfo; and well-spiced, flavour-rich wat. My expectations were suspended in a free-fall.

Dalton Reimer
December 11, 2019

Great place to experience Ethiopian. Be aware that the place has the authentic scent(maybe incense or a spice they use) and has fairly noticeable Ethiopian music. Food has always been great. Lamb tibs and vegetable combo.

Yonas Gebreselassie
November 16, 2019

Cozy Ethiopian place. Spicy food and premium coffee with ceremony.

Luda asha
March 03, 2020

Nice family place quite and Best Ethiopia food u can ever get

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

Our Address

533 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1W1, Canada

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