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2-1575 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B3, Canada

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4.4 / 5


Pat La
February 05, 2021

Food has been amazing here. Especially the sushi pizza is one of our favorites. 5 stars and will definitely recommend family and friends.

celena funk
January 01, 2021

Quite disappointed with the lack of options for take out. I had the shrimp gyoza and it was extremely greasy. Would not recommend & will not be returning.

William Matthieu Tadeo
February 24, 2021

Authentic taste with unique touches. Ika fry lightly dusted fried but not greasy. Perfect appy/side portion. Ramen: huge serving, interesting contrast of textures. Chewy crunch of the bamboo shoots (over the bland but also crunchy mushrooms: to me can be left out) then the soft boiled eggs, and the meaty tasty pork belly. Broth can be left with deeper long slow boiled depth of flavour as the traditional bone broth or miso based which I was trying to find. Maybe the miso ramen has? Tantan pork was new to me- surprisingly super tender and marinated in some 5 spice and Lea Perrins kind of melded taste. The highlight of the meal: and always the measure of a good sushi place to me is the Sashimi. This is spot on. Melt in your mouth fatty grade tuna (Toro I think are the more lean cuts- which my plate didn't have), not sure if the other lean white fish was bream(?) and the surf clam straightforward lean and, the pretty standard pink salmon: thick cut was its saving grace. I wonder if wild caught Coho Salmon can be considered for sushi grade- healthier and wild caught. And the sweet giant scallops- always the best to have in a sashimi plate to highlight it's smooth delicate texture in raw state with a squeeze of lemon or a dab of wasabi paste and a very light dip on soy. Not even oysters can parallel this maybe the BC spotted shrimp (raw) as to the fresh sea taste. Ironic as it may sound great seafood meant to be eaten raw will have that delicate sweet taste to them- not the strong odour people associate with the term 'fishy' like the fish guts must've accounted for. The soysauce as most authentic Japanese restaurants must strive for- should be traditional brewed Japanese soysauce- just a request. Traditional sake etc: Alcohol is served here, but indulge responsibly.

Ryan Gulay
February 21, 2021

Very good service an amazing food

September 05, 2020

Food is good but overpriced for its quality and quantity. Service is forgettable- neither satisfactory nor terrible. Lastly, their trivial policies are inflexible (I.e cannot have egg or onion on the side, either you have it or you don't). Winnipeg has other places with better service and value.

GaiJin Izakaya

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2-1575 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B3, Canada

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