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4.7 / 5


Anh Nguyễn Quỳnh
January 28, 2020

Just had the best meringue ever. These cakes are crisp, moderately sweet, & light as a cloud! It melted in my mouth after one bite, , plus, the sour fruits on top balance the whole taste, and I can definitely eat a whole box myself. The staff is also friendly and agile. I also notice that people here don't sell the dessert of the previous day but always make new things every morning, which means these stuffs are always fresh and various. By the way, for those who like to take photos of food, the decorations here are pretty attractive.

Wai Chan
March 09, 2020

Beautiful interior with gorgeous looking desserts, very instagram worthy. The serving utensil is a mini heart shaped spade/shovel. Very cute. They have the newer style take out boxes that are more elegant as well. This is a place you may want to buy from if you want to have something impressive looking to bring. Cream Puffs we tried: black sesame strawberry lychee rose Earl Grey Other items we tried: Mini Mango pana cotta cheese cake I think there was a meringue dessert... There was also a variety of drinks that was ordered, but I can't honestly remember the names as I'm doing this review about a month later and I no longer have the bill for it. They are newly opened so I'm expecting they will work out the kinks. They have alcohol infused items which makes it cool for an adult dessert place. A nice infusion into the Winnipeg dessert scene. Parking can be difficult if you are looking for free parking. I asked to be dropped off though, so I am unaware of the parking situation aside from what my friends told me.

Tan Phan
January 27, 2020

This Cafe is truly a gem if you are looking for sweet treats and drinks! Super friendly staff. The Oreo drink is my favorite!

YWG.foodie on Instagram
February 01, 2020

Ambiance- 5/5! Very cute interior design. You can tell that they put a lot of thought into putting their Café together, also, it is spacious, clean and bright inside. (Warning: Weird to mention but even their washroom is nice) Service- 5/5. They go by table buzzer system, but I believe IF they aren’t too busy with their job, they would actually serve the food to your table- as Joanne and Lisa did on my visit 😊 Thank you! My desserts & drink came out in a timely manner, considering it was a steady time in the café. Food&drinks- 5/5. I ordered 3 cream puffs, 2 cupcakes & 1 of their Mango Colada bubble tea. Desserts/food and drinks are fairly priced. With the cream puffs and cupcakes, you’re able to to infuse them with liqueur, just as I did! Fusian Experience Desserts & Cafe know how to perfectly pair their liqueur to infuse with the right desserts! ie. Red Bean flavour cream puff infused with Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. Liqueur infusing your dessert here is something that I would recommend to people who would not mind the alcohol! Either way, with or without, the dessert tastes great. My thoughts on their dessert is that they are good.. Their flavours tasted like their said flavour, also, style & presentation is nice. Something I want to share is that I was able to chat with the owner & I learned that she starts her day early in the morning to make everything freshly baked for the day! So you’ll never get something in bad quality. My Mango Colada drink was definitely made with fresh mango & they were definitely generous with both the Mango and Coconut in that drink! I really love how I was still able to finish this drink after eating the desserts, meaning it wasn’t too sweet as well! It was rather refreshing. I look forward to coming back again, specially because they are still in the works of expanding their menu & I would love to try a couple of their former Fusian Experience Restaurant dishes that they will actually be bringing to this Fusian Experience Desserts & Cafe, such as the Torched Whelks.

Susan N.
March 03, 2020

Worth a try, or a walk, if you're downtown. I had their grilled Pork banh mi and Hula fruit tea. Their fruit tea was wonderful and their banh mi was okay. For the size it was decent and the price was reasonable. Something was missing but I'm picky with banh mi. Their cupcakes and cream puffs look delightful. Next time I'll have to try their Ché (Vietnamese dessert). It's a different place to eat. There was only one person working so if you're strapped for time around lunch, this is not a quick service counter YET, I heard they're hiring and training new people soon. I'll update this review upon more visits.

FUSIAN Experience Desserts & Cafe

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272 Main St B, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A9, Canada

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