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393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6, Canada

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2.9 / 5


Tea Hee
March 10, 2020

I don't have any plans to go there again. Clay Oven is a block away, it's better. I've only been to the Downtown Clay Oven once and Chef Express of India once; the choice is clear. The problem with this restaurant: I got myself the butter chicken "famous curry". The take-out container was 80% rice and 20% butter chicken (they put the butter chicken on top of the rice). Of that little butter chicken, most of it was the sauce/gravy; only small bits of meat. You can literally see how they put it together; they put in a bunch of rice and are careful with how much butter chicken they put. Lots of rice, lots of sauce, little chicken. They're expecting that you get filled on the rice. It's that type of restaurant. Fill you with the cheap stuff, save on the good stuff so that they maximize profit. It's not worth it because of that. Also, the butter chicken isn't that good anyway, it doesn't have much taste. Bland. Don't bother. I will never go there again. Ever. It's not justified by the price. You pay around $12 for the meal (includes a samosa and a drink); and the drink is a small plastic cup, not the type you expect and would get from the next-door restaurants. For $12, you might as well get something more filling from the other nearby restaurants.

Riya Sagar
February 09, 2020

The first time I tried this place was a couple of months ago I got so attached I couldn’t stop every single Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I would go I couldn’t handle myself there food was outstanding among amazing the employees were like my best friends they knew how to talk and how to make great serving food the same way the menu looked was just liked there performance of food. Every time I swing by I always get 2 combo 7 and 2 bubble teas because it’s amazing. I think everyone needs to visit this outstanding place. Thank you, Riya

May 19, 2017

The samosas I had were raw with oozing batter (literally). When questioned, the female employee was rude in saying that she's not accountable as the samosas are sourced from elsewhere. She eventually replaced the samosas but not without whining and yelling through and after. Nonetheless, I am not going there again and suggest others the same too. Apparently, they are not accountable for anything and I really doubt whether they have any quality control procedures in place. Buyer beware.

Deep Kaur
March 03, 2020

I ordered an aloo tikki sandwich it was so gross. Lettuce was falling apart no sauce with sandwich. There was only lettuce in the sandwich no vegetable no onions. and did not even ask that u want cut or no. Other thing I ordered was spring rolls so tasteless. Wasn’t even cooked properly.

Jaspreet Khara
November 04, 2019

We ordered aloo tiki Very bad service even vegetables not diced with consistency no taste nothing. They even didn’t ask which kind of vegetables you want they just put a lot of iceberg lettuce, no onion.

Chef Express of India

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393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6, Canada

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