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555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy, Winnipeg, MB R3P 1E9, Canada

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3.7 / 5


Geoffrey Bishop
July 08, 2020

The food was okay but the poor and argumentative service will keep me from returning. I asked if they had a kid's menu for a quesadilla and the (owner/manager?) told me the one and only price for a quesadilla on the menu board was the kids menu. Although we thought that was a bit odd we ordered one anyways. I asked how much for a regular quesadilla and he told me it would be double the price ($19.90 for a fast food quesadilla?) When asked about toppings my son asked for rice on his quesadilla and the guy argued with me/him about his choice saying they never do that and I had to tell him to do it anyway, then my son asked for lettuce and he questioned him on his choice of topping saying it would get too soggy and he shouldn't do that, then after they prepared the quesadilla and added the sour cream and salsa he asked my son if he wanted it and he said no so the (owner/manager) guy went in with his hands and removed it. Why did I have to argue to get the kind of quesadilla we wanted for my young son? I didn't bother ordering anything for myself there and went somewhere else. I hope they figure out how a 'choose your own toppings' quesadilla works and learn not to question and argue with their patrons about it.

Manny Valencia
July 03, 2020

One of you crew at outlet mall is very rude, he came out of your kitchen not even washing his hand.. even during this Corona outbreak... seems like he is not enjoying what he is doing.

Sam Check
January 06, 2020

I found the staff to be polite and professional. The food is fresh and has a very good flavour profile. I particularly like the veggie tacos/burritos. Nice place !

Justin Woodcock
April 09, 2018

Ordered a regular steak on whole wheat, total was 9.50$. selection of ingredients was average, all the bases were covered and they looked and tasted pretty fresh. Steak portion was good and very tasty. The size of a regular was good and quite filling. For a fast food Mexican place I was quite satisfied and would rest here again. Service was quick and friendly.

ਨਵਜੋਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਰੰਧਾਵਾ
January 31, 2020

The costomer service is very good, the person at front is very polite and good by behaviour. Our first experience with him , was very good. I request everyone, who visits outlet colletion mall, please try that crispy food.

barBURRITO (Sterling Lyon Pkwy)

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555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy, Winnipeg, MB R3P 1E9, Canada

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